Controlled Burn has always strived to be on the cutting edge when it comes to Safety. We have always prided ourselves on having positive relationships with local fire officials, and with obtaining all applicable permits, following all applicable laws, and doing everything in our power to convey to our community that fire spinning can be done in a safe and family-friendly environment.

Nine of Controlled Burn members are Nevada State Fire Instructors (Level I) and work closely with the Nevada State Fire Marshal’s office to develop and implement safety protocol, and to export such information as needed in other jurisdictions.  We consider ourselves innovators in developing and following safety guidelines and curriculum and hope to continue to be on the edge of ensuring that this stunning and beautiful, if dangerous, art is given the respect it demands.

All Controlled Burn performers and safety personnel are required to go through annual safety training.

We have created course materials to guide others on the path to doing things in a way that will perpetuate instead of limiting both our expression and the continued evolution of fire performance. There are other innovators in this area, also. Groups down in Southern California came together to produce Fire Performance Safety Standards and Implementation Guidelines.

New Zealand’s “Home of Poi” has been sharing this goal with documented safety practices with guidelines.  One of the Las Vegas Fire Marshals has been extremely helpful, by developing a course and safety guideline that closely follows NFPA 160 regulations, while allowing fire performers to practice their art.