2012 was A-MAZING!

Let’s do it again for 2013!

Here’s just a teaser from 2012:


Photo is by ShortChineseGuy

Things are on track. Grants submitted and scored, and fundraisers to come. Gemini took a demanding new job last year, so this year Erika has agreed to steer the Compression ship. A more capable person could not be had!

Stay tuned for more updates very soon.

Let’s get it done!



This is the Week!

It all happens Saturday!

I hadn’t mentioned before our Glam Mantis vs. Mini Man epic battle, but here’s just a small teaser:


…and here’s the schedule. You can also view this on the Schedule Page:

Preliminary Schedule Updated 7/23/12 unless something majorly catastrophic happens, this is IT!

3:00 PM Opening Ceremony Thanks for coming to our Festival! (5 min)

3:05 PM Object Manipulation Featuring members of Vulcan Crew and Controlled Burn! Poi, staff, fans, anything you can think to or have, bring it and play! (40 min)

3:50 PM Hoop Jam Lisa Rizzoli and BohoHoops fun with hula hoops! (40 min Jam)

4:30 PM  Martial Arts Demonstration Featuring David Hirshman (10 min)

4:35 PM Dragonfly Aerials Reno’s own flying Aerialists (20 min)

4:55 PM Portal of Evolution Dedication Collaborators (10 min)

5:10 PM Modern Gypsy Deeta Pasero’s belly dance troupe from Redding, CA (10 min)

5:20 PM Anahata Local Bellydance troupe born from TMCC dance class (5 min)

5:25 PM Destynee Howell Solo performance (10 min)

5:35 PM World Dance Collective Cloudlight (5 min)

5:40 PM Dragonfly Aerials Chelsea Chen directed Aerial perfection (20 min)

6:05 PM World Dance Collective Large Piece, Afro-Belly Fusion (10 min)

6:25 PM Le Cirque Vagabond Ben Pierson directs Reno’s acrobatic offering (20 min)

6:50 PM Modern Gypsy Cirque Set (15 min)

7:10 PM eNVision Performing Arts Reno percussion awesome sauce (20 min)

7:30 PM Modern Gypsy as elephants (5 min)

7:40 PM BoHo Hoops LED hooping! (10 min) 

7:50 PM Devil Stick Dave David Hirshman showcasing his talent (5 min) 

7:55 PM eNVision Performing Arts Percussion group featuring propane flame effects by Dave King of Controlled Burn and programmed by Stu D’Alessandro (10 min)

8:15 PM Temple of Poi Welcome GlitterGirl and her Bay Area School to Reno! (25 min)

8:45 PM Oregon Conclave New this year, BIG fire, from Oregon (15 min)

9:05 PM Vulcan Crew Precision fire spinning from the Bay Area (15 min)

9:25 PM Controlled Burn Ladies and Gentleman…set (20 min)

9:45 PM Glam Mantis/Mini Man Battle! (15 min)

10:00 PM Controlled Burn Fire Finale featuring Flame and Finesse (20 min)

10:20 PM Black Rock City All-Stars Close down our festival with a rockin’ dance party! (40 min)

See you Saturday!

Thank you, Fire Lovers!

Thank you so much to our community!

With your help, we managed to raise $1,380 towards the festival! This is great news for us.  It’s interesting when you plan an event like this, because you ALWAYS shoot for the moon, then you scale back where you have to to make things work =)

We are super excited that we did so well with this fundraiser and we have fellow fire lovers to thank! We’ve already sent out emails about fulfillment to those who gave at that level. And now, you will see this ONLY here on the Compression site this soon, here’s a preview of our 5th Anniversary patch!

We still have vendor space available, so if you are interested, please check out our Vendor page.

We have more fire groups this year, welcome back many old friends, and are looking forward to this year’s festival, now just over a month away!


Help Fund Compression!!

Hey Folks!

We need our community this year to make the 6th Compression the best one yet!

Please contribute through www.nevadagives.org during Nevada Big Give.

<div id=’razoo_donation_widget’><span><a href=”http://nvbiggive.razoo.com/”>Raise money online</a> for <a href=”http://nvbiggive.razoo.com/story/Compression-Art-And-Fire-Fundraiser”>Compression! Art and Fire Fundraiser</a></span></div><script type=’text/javascript’>var r_protocol=((“https:”==document.location.protocol)?”https://”:”http://”);var r_path=’nvbiggive.razoo.com/javascripts/widget_loader.js';var r_identifier=’Compression-Art-And-Fire-Fundraiser';document.write(unescape(“%3Cscript id=’razoo_widget_loader_script’ src='”+r_protocol+r_path+”‘ type=’text/javascript’%3E%3C/script%3E”));</script>


It’s heatin’ up around these parts….

The above pic is by Joy Horan, and it’s of the lovely ladies of Unmata, showcasing their AWESOME core strength and stellar dance moves. Gosh, I love those ladies!

Well, here’s today’s update….

  • Our Artown event has been approved!
  • Our grant has been secured, although it was for less than we thought or needed…
  • Stay tuned for a super exciting chance to help fund Compression and make it all happen for our 5th Anniversary!
  • Today I have been updating the performer contracts, vendor application, and photographer application. Good times, I tell ya!
  • We are considering closing an ADDITIONAL BLOCK of Virginia Street, a place to put more art cars…that might be VERY exciting…

We are excited to make this the best festival yet! Stay tuned for more updates….

Compression, 2012! Five years and going strong…

That picture up there is Gene Gene the dancing machine! He’s one of the many fabulous and irreplaceable volunteers that helps keep it all coming together for Compression. That’s a great picture of Gene, don’t you think?!?

The date for Compression 2012 is set! I had previously listed on this website the 21st, but I was confused =) The ACTUAL date is the 28th of July, 2012.

We had our grant review this week, and it went well enough. With the arts in constant peril because of budget cuts, we are looking at a smaller budget, or a smaller grant amount than in years past for Compression, but we are pretty dedicated to providing this awesome festival for our community!

More information coming soon, along with updated forms and information!


Compression, Good Times….

So, have I mentioned lately how very fortunate I am to be surrounded by loving, artistic, amazing, talented individuals who share their talents with me and mine without regard to compensation, but just for love of the art?

Well, let me tell you a little story about Doug. I’ve known Doug more than a decade now, we volunteer together in the madhouse that becomes the Reno Jazz Festival. I can’t imagine my life not volunteering for this amazing festival, that showcases everything that’s right and awesome about talented young musicians and guess what?!? The Jazz Festival will be 50 this year!! Anyway, I digress…but Doug and I have been through some stuff. He’s a great friend! This year, a couple days before Compression, color me surprised when I get this email from Doug asking what he has to do to bring a video camera down to our little soiree. The day of the festival comes, he finds me, and the magic begins…this is what Doug and his friend Rick Healy did:

Good God, I am a lucky woman to know people like this. Not to mention Doug’s just a great all around guy =) Love ya, Man…thanks again!


Thank YOU, Truckee Meadows!

We had an amazing and wonderful event, AGAIN!

This is my self-indulgent post where I thank everyone and their dog and I get to do that because we just had an awesome day, an awesome event, and I am blessed to know and be able to collaborate with some of the most amazing people on the planet, I am convinced!

The day was hot, but we didn’t break 100 degrees this year, so I feel very blessed. We had not as much wind, no lightening, no freak rainstorms, it was a perfect day!!

We were lucky enough to have been contacted about doing a live remote on the site Friday morning. Members of Controlled Burn, Le Cirque Vagabond, and eNVision Performing Arts showed up on the plaza at 4:30 am (!!!!!) to take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Mariana Jacob from KOLO was very nice and even fired off Dave’s handheld propane shooter! You can find the story here:

KOLO TV’s Daybreak

Then, we were unbelievably gifted to get amazing coverage on channel 2 the day of the event. That video is here:

What can I say about how wonderful this day was for me?!? Once again, Controlled Burn showed up and kicked it in to high gear. We were worried about having everything placed and feeling rushed this year, so we started at 7am instead of 9am. I left the plaza about 2:15am.

We filled the plaza with people this year, Grin and the fire art artists really kicked it up a notch again and I am eternally grateful for Grin and his help. I’d also like to send a shout out to Bobnoxious, Grin, Rebecca “Sage”, Justin, Jungle Jim, Dale and the Red Rooster, the Trojan Horse crew and anyone in that area I may have forgotten…you made that area your own and it was amazing! I hope you enjoyed it half as much as it looked like ya did, it just seemed “right” this year =)

Photo by Bill Kositzky

Lauren is the best vendor coordinator a girl could ask for. Donna was the mistress of organization, as the volunteer coordinator; she kept everyone’s schedules straight, gave them their t-shirts and moved them around if it was needed. From the performance aspect, Lucky was an amazing MC again, Mark Simon ROCKED the sound this year, and it was great to see old friends and new performing for our fair city…

David Hirshman and John Mariotti, you rocked the martial arts, Vulcan Crew and my friend Lisa Rizzoli, thanks for doing the playshops and sharing your love of your tools with the next generation. I LOVED seeing so many kids on the stage, giving it a go! Dragonfly Aerials, I hope you enjoyed yourselves! You always look so graceful, and yet powerful flying through the air, and Chels, I hope even though you couldn’t perform, you had a great time being an audience member, I think it’s wonderful that you got to do that.

My hipSwitch sisters, I love you more than words can say! Deeta and Mi Amore, your new group was very well received and your piece was super cute. Asha, you are always so awesome, and seeing itty bitty Holly doing Baby Got Back made my day =)

Boys and Girls Club and Kyle, I hope you will come out and dance for us again! I am sorry the stage was so hot, but not sure what I can do about that…

Amy and Unmata, I idolize you all for so many different reasons…your passion, your athleticism, your candor, your skills. I hope to see you some more this Summer before Burning Man! I didn’t think I could admire you more, but you took my breath away this weekend.

Changez Dance Crew, I wish I could have talked to you more, but hope you will come back. I got great feedback about how fun your piece was and I hope we can do it again!

Le Cirque Vagabond…Mr. Ben. I can’t wait until I can say one day “Ben performed at MY festival before he hit it big”….and I hope you will consider doing so again. From the early morning TV spot, to the theme, I adored everything you did. You are seriously altered the quality of performance arts in Reno just by being who you are and bringing what you do. I want to work with you more!

Aaron and all the eNVision kids…this can’t be the end. We have to find a way for this to still exist because it’s worthwhile, you guys kick ass and damnit, you deserve it! I sent you an email today, please stay in touch, I will help if I can!!

Vulcan Crew, it was great getting to hang with you guys for a bit. You are what we aspire to be skill-wise! Let’s do it again! How about in about a month?!? hahahaha. Thanks for being there again, and for filling the gap. I feel honored that quality did not suffer because another group chose to be a chooch. THANK YOU!

Obsidian Butterfly, you guys were amazing! I hope more of your group can come next time! It was great to see you, and we hope you enjoyed yourselves!

Dave King and that liquid shooter? AWESOME! You got some serious hang time this year, dude, I am just glad and feel honored that you still like doing this. Let’s do it again!!

Shelley Pinemom and family and Chef Tony, we would surely have dropped before we collectively performed had it not been for the amazing and succulent surprises you fed us all day. Fresh fruit and yogurt in the morning? Perfect! Wraps for lunch? Light and just what we needed and TACO BAR?!?! HOLY CRAP WAS THAT GOOD!! Thanks for raising the bar higher than I had any right to hope for Tony, I hope you will consider playing with us again =)

My family…where would I be without you? Joyous, Bri, Dan, and Junior…thanks for being patient while I was a crazy woman the last few weeks between logistics, planning and last minute details, feeding and taking care of the animals when I couldn’t dealing with my crankiness, and still having enough love left for me to work the event! I have the best family EVER! We might be small, but man, are we mighty! Yay, us!

Okay, my self-indulgence for this year is over, but the warm and fuzzy remains.


At times like this, I feel like the luckiest girl alive!



Photo by Dana Nollsch, our good friend and an awesome artist!!

The above photo was taken by Dana Nollsch, a great friend of Controlled Burn and specifically, me, Gemini. I appreciate Dana’s work, he’s done a lot of great things in this town, and this photo was also selected independently by Chad Sorg, to be featured as the front of our event poster this year. Thank you, Dana!

First of all, to photographers of Controlled Burn, past, present, and future, let me say THANK YOU! You make us look good! We’ve had amazing talent and beautiful and giving spirits share their artistic talents with Controlled Burn and we are blessed by the quality of our relationships with our photographers. This is something we value highly, and to a certain degree, we also depend on it. We ask photographers to share their photo’s with us, either through links to their sites, or by giving us copies of their works. We always try to give credit to the artist, that is only right and fair. We aren’t perfect and we DO make mistakes, but we hope our relationships are strong enough with our artistic friends that they will come to us and point out any oversights so we might correct them and still honor their work.

All that being said, it is necessary for me to limit media passes this year to 25. Absolutely ANYONE who is interested is completely welcome to photograph Controlled Burn at any show, at any time. However, those with media passes are allowed additional access to get the shots they need. This year, the need for the limit is quite simply a matter of safety. We are being required to increase our perimeter this year, and it is always our intent to keep both performers and audience as safe as possible. In over a decade, Controlled Burn has 100% no accident safety record and we want to keep things that way!

Please email gemini (at) controlledburnreno (dot) com if you are interested in a press pass for THIS SATURDAY JULY 23, 2011 for Compression. We have standard photog’s who generally shoot with us, and will have passes waiting for them, as well as invited guests. The remaining passes will be distributed on a first come-first serve basis and when they are gone, they are gone.

If you are interested in shooting Compression, we need you to fill out THIS contract. If you have any issues or need any additional information, please email Gemini at the above email address.

Thanks, and see you in a week!