Super Shout Out to Commercial Magic Makers…

So, two years ago, I found myself in an unenviable position. The first year we had Compression, we were lucky enough to have the people from SNCAT come and video tape much of the event. They broadcast it on local access cable, and condensed the festival down into maybe a 35 minute program. It was cool. My assumption was that hey, fire is cool, I’m sure they will be back, right? Well, they weren’t….

Enter 2009, where I ended up with no quality video. Come grant time, I was sad, had to recycle footage from 2008, and use all the wonderful still photos that were taken to create the grant video. It worked okay, but was not ideal. Enter the lesson: Plan for EVERYTHING! So, I have a friend who I’ve known for a number of years, who I met because she was a room mate to my sister-in-law. Her name is Maryan, and she operates Prickly Pear Imaging.

I saw her shooting something else, and asked her if she might be interested in shooting our event. She responded in the affirmative, and that, as they say, was history. I vowed never to NOT have video of the event, again =)

So, come this year, Maryan did a great job and shot some amazing footage, as she shot, I asked her to think “commerical” and “high impact” or something silly like that…

The first year we did a commercial, my good friend Lauren did the audio, and expressed interest in doing it again. Although she’s known as the town’s tie-dye/costuming Diva Extraordinaire, and also owns Prism Magic Clothing and Imports, in Sparks,

many people do not know that Lauren spent years working in broadcasting before she got in to tie dye. She’s a pro and we had a lot of fun recording the audio voice track, with the help of some friends…

Enter the third piece of this puzzle…a couple of years ago, a fellow geek and awesome human known in Controlled Burn as Matty Pockets, had this awesome song he liked from this DJ in the UK (Tim Wright, also known as CoLD SToRAGE), so he wrote the guy and asked him if we could use his song.

He gave permission and I believe even edited it with some specifics from Matty, for our use. In February, Tim left a note on the CB Facebook page saying if we ever needed help or music again, he’d be down for that. So, I messaged him, told him about our little commercial project, and told him time was tight, but if he had anything, we’d love to use it and give him credit. He was super quick, sent me some samples almost immediately, and we selected one to go with the commercial.

So, now, I think Maryan has all the pieces, and we are waiting to see what she can create! I will post here and on CB Web as soon as I have something, but I LOVE this sort of thing!

Gods, I love it when a plan comes together…=)

Amy Sigil and Unmata, Boys and Girls Club to Perform Compression!

Welcome to today’s edition of “Gemini’s self-indulgence” =). I am going to talk, very personally, about a couple of groups that are coming to Compression this year, and how they got there….and GO:

I am truly honored that Unmata is going to be with us this year! There were members of Unmata with us last year, and Verbatim the year before, but this year, Ms. Sigil is coming, WITH Unmata, AND, she’s teaching workshops on Sunday, after the festival! AND, for Compression, they are doing bellydance AND fire sets! woot!

Now, we are going to take a journey in the way back machine….back in 2008, Unmata and crew invited Controlled Burn to participate in their large Fall show, the Blood Moon Regale, where they always have a fire performance the Friday before the big show. Man, did we have fun! So much so that we went the next year too. We haven’t been back in a couple years, but always appreciate the hospitality and feel-good vibe we get from Hot Pot….then, this last December, because of a break with SEEDS, I was able to travel to Hot Pot for a few weeks and take classes. Again, and A-MAZING experience. It was great getting to be a part of that. We saw Amy and crew just this last weekend at Amy’s birthday bash and Hot Pot’s Spring student showcase. They do this piece that makes me cry every time I see it. Maybe you will get to see it too….it’s centered around “Fashion”, but probably not what you think. Here’s their performance of it at Tribal Fest last year:

Oh yeah, and if you want to experience Ms. Sigil’s awesome teaching style, go to the Asha World Dancer page HERE to register for her workshops!

AND….another amazing experience for me. So, many of you know that I have a second job at “Lawlor Events Center” doing event services. A little while ago, I worked a dance competition and saw some pretty amazing hip hop. This is something I’ve seen before on MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew”, but hadn’t ever really seen it in person. There was this one group, from the Boys and Girls Club of Truckee Meadows, and they were super good. They had all the things that appeal to me…they were a diverse group, their routine was super tight, and they looked like they were having fun! So, I contacted them at a later time, and they are going to come and play with us at Compression too! I think this will be an amazing and beneficial partnership, and I hope they enjoy it!

That’s it for now, today is definitely a “cloud nine” day, as I contemplate how awesome the festival is going to be this year!


2011 Poster!

Many, many thanks to Chad Sorg, of Nada Dada fame, and social-media guru, for designing this year’s poster. Aaaaaaand, here it is:

I REALLY like the design. We gave Chad four or five or maybe even six high resolution photos from which to choose and then said “Make Magic!” The photo he chose was taken by Dana Nollsch, a good friend of mine, at the festival last year (2010). Make magic he did, this poster is much lighter, us fire phreaks tend to do things in varying shades of black, and that MIGHT be my favorite thing about it =)

What do you all think?!?!


Compression Volunteer Appreciation Saturday June 4, 2011

CONTROLLED BURN HOSTS Compression! Volunteer Appreciation Party June 4th, 2011

Compression, Nevada’s only Art and Fire Festival, celebrating its FOURTH YEAR in July, is an event “fueled”, worked and containing many, many talented Reno locals. It is 100% volunteer driven, and we think that’s pretty amazing! We hope you think so too, and if you’ve participated to make Compression happen in the past, this is our opportunity to say THANK YOU, Truckee Meadows community! On Saturday June 4th from 12pm – 4pm, Controlled Burn invites you to Pub and Sub, 1000 Ralston Street, Reno, for an afternoon of fun, fellowship, story swapping from the events, and lunch on Controlled Burn! Let’s reconnect, laugh and make awesome plans for this year as we ramp up for another Compression!

This FREE EVENT is open to those who have volunteered for Compression in the past. Gemini is the gatekeeper here, she pretty much knows who’s been there. This invitation is open to setup crew, performers, Controlled Burn members, exhibiting artists, tear down crew, and safety Rangers. If you have questions about your suitability to attend this event, please email Gemini (at) controlledburnreno (dot) com.

Thank you, everyone, for helping me bring this festival to our community!



Tutu a Rousing Success!

Thank you Truckee Meadows! You made our Tutu Party Fundraiser a success! We have enough money for insurance and a little bit of seed money now, and we owe it all to YOU, our community!

Photo by Nico Aguilera Reno Metromix

Special thanks go to Lauren, my mistress of ceremonies and one of my best friends. She stepped in for me (Gemini) at the last minute so that I could see my son return from deployment in Afghanistan. She did an excellent organizational job, and I am very blessed to have her as a friend!

Here are some more awesome shots by Nico Aguilera, on special for Reno Metromix with the RGJ. All the photos can be found here.


Ken and Judy aka "Bertha Cool" Tutuing it up!

And here’s some fire spinning:

Jenny Herz spinning at Freight House

and then:

Fan Girls!


Thanks very much to everyone who came out, entered the raffle, gave of their art for fire spinning or other endeavors, and helped make this event a success!


Tutu Updates!

Tickets are IN! Look for them this weekend at Prism Magic and The Melting Pot!
As always, they are also available online through In-Ticketing, for an additional convenience fee. Find them here.

The DJ Lineup is going to be, in order:

Gil T






This AWESOME lineup will be augmented by stellar performances by Boho Hoops:

AND Asha World Dancers:

We are SO LUCKY!!

Join us!

Tutu 3 Fundraiser Party!

This party will benefit the Compression! Art and Fire to be held July 23, 2011. We need to buy insurance for the event and have seed money to get the creative juices flowing so we can make all the MAGIC happen! Come out and support Controlled Burn, see some awesome fire, break out your playa tutu’s and join us, and Friends for an evening of FUN, FIRE, and Mayhem!

What: Tutu 3 Party!
When: Saturday Febrauary 19, 2011
Time: 9pm-?!?!

Where: The Freight House District

250 Evans Avenue
Reno, NV  89501                                                                                                                            Freight House Web

Cost: $10 pre-purchase or at the door with a Tutu, or $15 at the door with no costume or pre-purchase

Who: Controlled Burn!!
Website: This one…

It WILL be epic!

In other news, the grant review was this last week, it was good, and we await more details about what our final award will be.


Third Awesome Year!

Yes, 2010 signified our THIRD amazing Fire Festival!

Photo by Bill Kositzky

I have been horribly remiss in not posting until now, but it was our MOST amazing, funnest, and largest festival yet!

My beautiful, larger than life, spirited friend, right hand person for this Festival, and amazing vendor coordinator Lauren Gifford really made a our festival a great experience for the vendors. We had some early power access challenges that she remained calm for, and some later wind challenges that caused some grief, and she remained a consummate professional and constant source of strength throughout the day. I love you, Lauren!

Donna Pennington RAWKED this year as our volunteer coordinator. We had the strongest volunteer response and volume we’ve ever had and it was so great to see! Thank you, Donna!

Photo by Kathleen Eagan

My dear friend Grin did such an amazing job this year, coordinating our Burn Barrel and Fire Art garden:

Photo by Steve Erickson

He and Bob Noxious did a great job and thrilled the crowd, as you can see. Check out these Burn Barrels:

Photo by Edward Hennessey

So many of the groups who participated really reached new performance levels this year, it was incredible. Among them were the Asha World Dancers and a blazing performance by the newly formed but veteran performers in Axiom Elements, may of whom began with Controlled Burn!

Photo by Bill Kositzky

More information will continue to be posted, as I assemble my thoughts, and links to pictures are also forthcoming, so come back and see what we’re doing!



7/12/10 FINAL DRAFT!!

2010 Compression! Main Stage Entertainment Schedule

3:00 PM Opening Ceremony Thanks for coming to our Festival! (5 min)

3:05 Poi Workshop Flow tool prop manipulation! Spin a staff, try some practice poi! Join members of Controlled Burn and friends to see how it’s done! (60 min)

4:15 PM Ecstatic Dance Play Shop Take part in this taste of guided meditation through connection of body and spirit !! (60 min)

5:15 PM BohoHoops Get Moving and join Lisa Rizzoli and BohoHoops for fun with hula hoops! (20 min performance and 40 minute hoop Jam)

6:20 PM Hipswitch Reno’s own World Fusion Bellydance Troupe (7 min)

6:30 PM Rhythmic Renegades Reno’s Ne w Formation dance troupe (15 min)

6:50 PM Modern Gypsy Redding’s Premiere Bellydance troupe (8 min)

7:05 PM Asha World Dancers Reno’s World Fusion Bellydance troupe (10 min)

7:20 PM Verbatim From Sacramento, Unmata’s “Street Team” fusion Tribal belly dance (10 min)

7:30 PM Modern Gypsy Redding’s Premiere Bellydance troupe (8 min)

7:45 PM Unmata From Sacramento and beyond, fusion Tribal belly dance (10 min)

7:55 PM Dragonfly Aerials Reno’s own Aerial Acrobatics Troupe (10 min)

8:05 PM eNVision Performing Arts Reno’s Percussion performance group with final featuring propane flame effects by Dave King and Oz and Matty Pockets on programming (30 min)

8:40 PM BohoHoops The LED hoop set…(10 min)

8:55 PM Vulcan Crew Carnivale-style fire acrobatics and precision fire spinning (15 min)

9:15 PM Axiom Elements Reno’s own “avant garde” fire troupe (15 min)

9:35 PM Controlled Burn! Fire Extravaganza featuring Controlled Burn … (30 min)

10:15 PM Black Rock City All-Stars Close down our festival with a rockin’ dance party featuring dance tunes from this Reno local group! (45 min)

Start times reflect ACTUAL start times.