These were two of THE BEST volunteers!

Volunteers are the muscle that drives Compression (and these two were powerful).  Volunteers can choose from shifts throughout the day of the events, bringing their own magic to the cultural and artistic exchange that takes place downtown and across the Silver State.  You get some cool schwag, and specials at afterparties.  You also get our eternal gratitude.  It must be a great gig because we get lots of repeat volunteers.  Love them FOREVER.

Message us back here or contact erika@controlledburnreno.com, 775-686-9608.

Thank you!

9 thoughts on “Volunteer!

  1. adela wiese aka cyclone

    I would like to be a runner this year. Did crowd control in the past. 775

  2. Jessica DeAragon

    I would love to volunteer for clean up crew this night! Please call me back at 7754121393 or email me! Thanks

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