Mark Swizee, Dept. of Spontaneous Combustion, will display at Compression in 2014.

Swizee's rose

Swizee’s rose

Todd Cox was new to Compression in 2013.  He displayed “Praying with Fire.”  (

A daylight shot.  You'll have to visit Compression to see the fire element.

A daylight shot. You’ll have to visit Compression to see the fire element.

Skirblah’s beautiful Phoenix.


Eric “Propaniac” Smith

Eric has a thing for Propane =)

Justin Cunningham

Justin spun fire for many years with Controlled Burn, and has additionally made some amazing art pieces the last few years, including an art car with flaming horns on the roof! The very first year we did Compression, Justin surprised the heck out of by arriving with this AMAZING piece of art in his truck. He basically says “Hey, I made this, and I thought it would be cool here so I brought it.” Here’s Justin, that first year, with Teresa, his creation:

Here is Justin’s awesome car:


Jeff Schomberg

Jeff Schomberg joined us in 2012 to bring the Celtic Forest trees to Compression, and followed up in 2013 with his fire daisies.

Jeff Schomberg's fire daisies


Pat Herz shares unassuming genius at Compression.

Pat Herz's Playa Tramp (photo by Teeje Jamison)

Stay tuned for more artists!