News, News, and More News…

Hey Everyone!

Hope last week was awesome for you all…it was for me!

We had a meeting last Thursday, January 29, 2009. It was at 6:30pm at Dave King’s house.

Present were: Mac and Dave Kaul, Carlyn, Donna, Gemini, Dave King, Brenda, Roger, Dusty, Cindi (I did this from memory so if you were there and don’t see your name here, please let me know and I will edit)

The Event is July 25, 2009. Need to develop a timeline backwards from there.

Controlled Burn will likely go in to 2X week rehearsal mode in May.

Need to stay organized and on-task.

Cindi attended Artown meeting this week for Presenters and general feel was positive with regard to Controlled Burn and the festival.

Additional fees this year surrounding having adequate medical services on-site based on City of Reno Special Event application.

Deadline for Vendors and Sponsors: June 20

Deadline for program booklet and subsequent ads: June 22nd.

Booklet will go to print July 8.

Gemini will call person who arranged for Sierra Legal Duplicating to donate printing of posters and flyers last year to see if they would do that again.

Dave King will contact medical folks to see if we can get non-profit discount or partial sponsorship.

Dave Kaul will contact guy from Planet X pottery in Gerlach to see if he is interested in participating in the festival.

Dusty interested in finding other places downtown to show case fire art and will coordinate. Involves finding appropriate venues, then finding art to display. Could display pics from last year in new venue. Possible “fire walk” art tour?

General feel that we should still have at least one fundraiser. Before or after Yuri’s Night? Consensus to have after Yuri’s night, but advertise AT Yuri’s night with Jellyfishes approval. Possible date May 16.

Lauren is Vendor coordinator, please contact her with possible leads on Vendors. Fire tools…local vendor? Unsure yet.

Gemini will contact “Men Wielding Fire” to see if we can work out some sort of trade or have them vend the event.

Gemini will have sponsor packets available for next CB members meeting, will ask each person again to get one sponsorship.

Productive meeting, thank you all.

Meeting adjourned 8pm.

Submitted by Gemini

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