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*whew* time for an update….

hi everyone!

wow, time sure flies when you’re having fun! we are just over two months out until the event and life is moving along nicely for our fire celebration!

earlier this week, we had a very successful and positive grant review with the Nevada Arts Council. we scored high percentage-wise and depending on budget cuts, we can appreciate very generous support from the council. this is awesome news, it all goes towards producing the event, and as it gets bigger, it’s amazing how much stuff costs and also heartening how many awesome people come together to make something like this work.

i met with todd south yesterday, and it’s looking promising for getting some live music into the event! we already had black rock city all-stars set to throw down with us, and now todd’s got something up his sleeve…stay tuned to see, we will post here once more details become clear.

i got confirmation also very recently that Unmata’s own Verbatim will be joining us. Along with Asha, there will be some belly shaking awesomeness happening for sure!

in addition, our fire groups are firming up too, with confirmation this week from both the Vulcan Crew and Copper Lantern. We are SO EXCITED that both these folks have decided to join us!

dave cherry, local burner and talented artist extraordinaire, has been working on our poster, and we are thankful and humbled by his talent! we will post the poster and postcard as soon as we finalize!

in other news, our special event application went in, we got insurance for the event, and most of our funding is secured. we are in the process of developing a site plan, and working out more more more logistics. i should be able to post a preliminary schedule soon, so stay tuned!

that was a lot of information, yo!

i will make every attempt to update more often as the event gets closer. stay tuned, everyone!

Rolling Along…

I LOVE this stage in the process…the point at which things almost seem to take on a life of their own. Life is good for us, right now!

Since I last updated, I’ve had conversation with the folks at “Men Wielding Fire” and they have agreed to be our food vendor. As I mentioned in their vendor blurb, tell me this isn’t a match made in heaven?!?! The celebration of FIRE and performing arts and men wielding FIRE? It just doesn’t get any better than that!

Also, I got some exciting news from Lauren, the vendor coordinator of the event that she was able to get a potter to join us! John Manley will be vending the event and also have his gorgeous art on display in addition to demonstrating some unique “firing” techniques. Can’t wait to see this!

I have had some email conversations with eNVision Performing Arts in Reno. We are talking about a collaboration that involved drums, fire, and more fire! How cool is that?!?! These young people are super talented and I can’t wait to see what comes to fruition!

Finally, I added the “Asha World Dancers” to the performers page. These ladies are so awesome, and they’ve been so inspirational to me personally and have acted as awesome mentors for Controlled Burn! These ladies are friends, awesome artists, and are working on some new stuff that may premier at our Celebration!

I submitted the Nevada Arts Council grant on Monday. I reworked the video on that a bit and will post it when I get a chance.

I’ve fallen behind on some paperwork stuff, I need to catch up, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day!

That’s the news for right now.

Keep coming back, you never know what exciting news we will have for you!


News, News, and More News…

Hey Everyone!

Hope last week was awesome for you all…it was for me!

We had a meeting last Thursday, January 29, 2009. It was at 6:30pm at Dave King’s house.

Present were: Mac and Dave Kaul, Carlyn, Donna, Gemini, Dave King, Brenda, Roger, Dusty, Cindi (I did this from memory so if you were there and don’t see your name here, please let me know and I will edit)

The Event is July 25, 2009. Need to develop a timeline backwards from there.

Controlled Burn will likely go in to 2X week rehearsal mode in May.

Need to stay organized and on-task.

Cindi attended Artown meeting this week for Presenters and general feel was positive with regard to Controlled Burn and the festival.

Additional fees this year surrounding having adequate medical services on-site based on City of Reno Special Event application.

Deadline for Vendors and Sponsors: June 20

Deadline for program booklet and subsequent ads: June 22nd.

Booklet will go to print July 8.

Gemini will call person who arranged for Sierra Legal Duplicating to donate printing of posters and flyers last year to see if they would do that again.

Dave King will contact medical folks to see if we can get non-profit discount or partial sponsorship.

Dave Kaul will contact guy from Planet X pottery in Gerlach to see if he is interested in participating in the festival.

Dusty interested in finding other places downtown to show case fire art and will coordinate. Involves finding appropriate venues, then finding art to display. Could display pics from last year in new venue. Possible “fire walk” art tour?

General feel that we should still have at least one fundraiser. Before or after Yuri’s Night? Consensus to have after Yuri’s night, but advertise AT Yuri’s night with Jellyfishes approval. Possible date May 16.

Lauren is Vendor coordinator, please contact her with possible leads on Vendors. Fire tools…local vendor? Unsure yet.

Gemini will contact “Men Wielding Fire” to see if we can work out some sort of trade or have them vend the event.

Gemini will have sponsor packets available for next CB members meeting, will ask each person again to get one sponsorship.

Productive meeting, thank you all.

Meeting adjourned 8pm.

Submitted by Gemini

(for corrections or additions to these minutes, please click the link to our FAF Ning community on the right and submit changes there. I will edit them to here. Thanks!~ Gem)

Grant Review Process, City of Reno

Today was the grant review meeting with the City of Reno. Here is how we did PRELIMINARILY. These results won’t be final until after Wednesday and after that are dependent upon the City of Reno’s budget process and any budget cuts these programs may suffer.

Here are the areas on which we were evaluated:

1.  ARTISTIC QUALITY: Your determination of the applicant’s artistic qualifications, ability, appropriateness to the project, and merit of the project as appropriate to the proposal.  Also, the relation of the project to the artistic statement/mission of the organization. (see item #4 below)

Numeric Score (CB-126/6=avg score of 21 with 25 being the highest and 1 being lowest)

2.  COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT AND IMPACT: How well does the applicant address the Reno Arts & Culture Commission mission to strengthen the awareness and involvement of all citizens in the community’s cultural life, both in heritage, in contemporary expressions; and the Reno City Council’s 2003/04 priorities to provide services to youth (especially at risk youth) and seniors?  What is the long term community impact of this project to audiences, artists, other arts organizations and/or the ability of the arts and culture community to thrive in the Reno area?

Numeric Score(CB-105/6=avg score of 17.5 with 20 being the highest and 1 being lowest)

3.  ADMINISTRATIVE STRENGTH AND STABILITY: Does the applicant show the strength, stability and responsibility that demonstrate an ability to perform the project or activity described?  This includes a clear and appropriate budget, planning and administrative support, and a plan to publicize and evaluate the activity.

Numeric Score(CB-98/6=avg score of 16.33 with 20 being the highest and 1 being lowest)

4.  FISCAL IMPACT:  Will this project significantly improve the applicant’s ability to produce a project or will it further the organization’s mission?

Numeric Score(CB-98/6=avg score of 16.33 with 20 being the highest and 1 being lowest)

So far, we got a total of 427 from six grant panelists. This put us in the 84% funding category. We will go back again on Wednesday to see what the final recommendation is, but I think we did well, given that this was our first time with the City of Reno.

They liked the video, this made me very happy.

Black Rock Arts Foundation got a recommendation of 95% funding, they had only ten more points than we did! We had many friends and collaborators also trying for grants and wish the best of luck to our friends and compatriots =)

Thanks for looking here, and I will let you know what happens on Wednesdays.


Exciting news…

There’s lots of updating to happen regarding our Celebration of Fire and Performing Arts, at this point in time.

I talked to Josh King the other night, and he’s excited to return to the festival! For those of you who might not know, Josh did those amazing, propane fueled sculptures that were around the stage last year. One example is here:


Photo by Bill Kositzky
Photo by Bill Kositzky

He says he has a bunch of unused material so he’s starting the brainstorming!

Also up and coming this year, we are talking to some really cool folks in the Bay Area about bringing some interactive art to the festival. We are also looking at improved/premium seating for this year, the possible addition of live music, and reorienting the stage in order to make it easier for more people to see.

Stay tuned, I will update as more becomes known.


Grant Review…

Greetings everyone!

Just a quick note here to let you know that Monday, January 12, is Controlled Burn’s grant revue process from the City of Reno.

We are busily writing our next/other grant, too, but we are excited about this one, too.

Check out the video below, if you haven’t seen it yet, and we will let you know how things go. I have some other stuff to update, but think I will do so in a different post.

Take care and stay tuned!

Welcome to 2009!

Controlled Burn took a vote way back in October, and we voted to do it again!

We’ve got some exciting organizational enhancements we hope will be a good thing, including this website that’s much easier to update than the previous one, and the creation of a community-wide networking group that will hopefully allow us to have people from all over the community help us put on this amazing event.

We had SO MUCH FUN last year! I can’t even express how awesome it was to see my friends, family, and community come together to create the amazing synergy that went into Compression!

Hey, I have an idea. Let’s do it again!

There is a meeting this Thursday December 18, 2008 at Prism Magic 2161 Pyramid Way Sparks, Nevada. The meeting will start at 6p.m.

Please don’t worry if you can’t make it, ’tis the season for crazy busy-ness, but please do try to start making them in January.

We’ve submitted our first grant proposal and are well on our way!

Thanks, and check back soon!