Compression features a large display of art vehicles, many of which have been out to Black Rock City for Burning Man. Come down to Compression and see vehicles one would normally only see on the Playa!

For 2017 we welcome:

Chris McClintock: Yabba Dabba Do Me

Dale Weber: Red Rooster Ranch

Dan O’Brien: BRC Water Taxi

David Mensing: Monstrosity

Scott “Gadget” Allen: Train of Thought

Ian Pierce: Stardust

Jeff Rock: Swingline Stapler

Kevin Brizendine: Freaky Tiki

“Stache” Powers: Irony

Tim Holland: Pumpkin

Troy Morgan: USS Nevada

Yvette Deighton: Pekoe Fury

Dennis Alumbaugh: Fjorgyn

Harris Turnout: Pirates of Reno Pirate Ship